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About the blogs

The North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences has been blogging since 2001, beginning with an “Educators at Sea” deep sea expedition called “Ocean Explorer: Islands in the Stream.”  Liz Baird, now Director of Education, participated in the cruise and her first blog entry is still available here:

The expedition blog has since been re-named “Life on the Edge: Exploring Deep Ocean Habitats,” and the Museum still participates periodically.  We have archived all Educators at Sea blog entries made since 2002.

Our current Education blogs include a variety of “Online Adventures”, which follow groups of educators on treks to Belize, Ecuador, Yellowstone, Atlantic Deepwater Canyons and more, and entries from the Nature Research Center’s iLabs.

We also have an active blog for Research & Collections which presents some of the fieldwork and lab work of our research staff, and includes personal accounts of professional conferences.

The wacky and talented exhibits crew maintains a behind-the-scenes blog about Museum exhibits. Check it out to see how exhibits are designed, built, installed, and tested, or Ask an Exhibitionist if you have questions!

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