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Fisher photographed in the Bronx – First ever NYC record of this squirrel and rat predator

June 25, 2014

Research & Collections

By Roland Kays

North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences & NC State University

Following the paw prints of their larger carnivore cousins, coyotes, fishers are now returning to New York City.  A new photograph confirms that at least one animal has found its way to the Bronx, after a scattering of records across Westchester County in recent years.  These oversized weasels (females are 4lbs, males weigh up to 13lbs) are adaptable predators recently found to climb trees to hunt the squirrels that typically overrun suburban areas.

Bronx Fisher NYPD officer Derek Lenart captured this photograph of a fisher walking down a Bronx sidewalk at dawn on 15 April 2014, producing the first ever evidence of the species living in New York City.

Their long skinny build also makes fishers keen tunnel users, which helps them crawl through drainage culverts to cross under roads and avoid becoming road-kill.  Their love of tubes and…

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