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A Solar Celebration Comes This June 22

June 13, 2014

Research & Collections

Things are  heating up  this month at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences. On June 22, we will participate in the first annual International Sun-Day, complete with presentations on current solar research, Sun-focused activities, and solar observing with special telescopes available to visitors throughout the day.

The Sun is our star. It warms our solar system, as we probably most clearly notice in the more tropical summer months when our part of the Earth is tilted toward the Sun. While the Sun is a relatively average-sized star compared to all the stars in the Galaxy, it is critical for our existence, and for life as we know it to thrive on this planet. Nearly 99.9 percent of the mass of the solar system is wrapped up in the Sun, making it one of the most important components of our solar system for astronomers to understand as part of a complete…

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