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Cephalopod Awareness Days: Back to the Basement

October 11, 2013

Research & Collections

Greetings Blogophiles! How is your search for cephalopods going? Today in my quest to become aware of all the cephalopods we have at the Museum, my meanderings have led me back to the basement and into the Paleontology Collections. Admittedly I am cheating by searching for cephalopods here. Technically I am the Collections Manager for Geology/ Paleontology at the Museum so, if I can’t find cephalopods in this collection there’s a good chance no one can. Welcome to my job! But before we get to what’s actually in the Paleontology Collection, I thought I’d stop by the Paleontology Lab on A-level to visit one of our volunteers who has been meticulously preparing a fossil squid.

Everyone meet John. It may not look like much in the photo, but John is working on excavating the gladius or pen of a large Cretaceous squid (Tusoteuthis). Dan Lawver and I collected…

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