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iListen, iLearn

October 3, 2013

Research & Collections

by Meg Lowman

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.
Albert Einstein

New PDAs (personal digital assistants or hand-held computers) are flooding the market with their myriad soundbytes, applications (called apps), and jargon. As the proud owner of an iPhone, I must admit that its ever-changing, innovative uses (other than conventional telephone-calling) are not only addictive, but seem to provide just about every service under the sun except washing the dishes (maybe that is next?). My iPhone provides navigation, locates restaurants and even makes reservations; files hundreds of addresses; updates weather reports for any city in the world; and houses photo albums, music, a “to-do” list, a calendar of appointments, and, of course, emails – all in one pocket-sized, battery-operated gadget.

In its emerging role to serve as a community forum, the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences recently hosted a conference called Mobile Data…

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