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Mountains to the Sea

July 30, 2013

Tropical Ecology Institute

5:45am comes early in the jungle.   Bug spray applied, binoculars donned, we headed out to see what feathery friends we might find.  Highlights included Crested Guan with wattle perching in a tree, Black & Red Swallowtail Butterflies fluttering past, thorn bugs hopping trees, and Boat-billed Herons waiting in the pond, all ready to make our list.

As it was our last night in the Preserve, we needed to eat all of the fruit previously purchased our market visit, we ‘pango sweated fruit.’  We learned from our Belizean teachers that this was Creole for ‘eating everything on your plate, in this case in the fruit bowl.  Delicious fry-jacks slathered with Marie Sharpe’s  fruit jam, eggs with Happy Cow cheese and fried beans.

After breakfast we began our hike to Ben’s Bluff waterfall.  The hike was uphill and hot.  After a strenuous hike, we could hear the water promising a cool respite…

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