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Geological cycles, that is, bicycles

July 25, 2013

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I’m getting back on my touring bike these days for weight loss, fuel savings, exercise and fun, even though I sometimes need the Jaws of Life to pry me off that little bitty bicycle seat. We did 45 miles on Saturday and a “recovery ride” of about 30 on Sunday. The muscles in my legs are tired, and I’m still not much good for anything but sitting around blogging. Moving around the house is an adventure (“Daddy, do you have noodle legs?”), and I’m still trying to decide if I am simply stiff or if rigor mortis is setting in. I did the bicycle commute on Tuesday with 20 pounds of gear in the panniers, which may have been a mistake.

You get a better feel for topography on a bicycle than in a car. Geology is often expressed as topography. Same thing with geological processes like erosion. Geology is…

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