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A River Runs Through It

July 25, 2013

Tropical Ecology Institute

Our first full day began early at 5:45am.  No one was late!  Our walk, led by Nathan Forbes, our Belizean guide and naturalist, included many birds and plants.  We discovered that the Duplooys started a botanical garden that we also toured.  After an amazingly colorful breakfast, including pink kiwi, deep orange papaya, cantaloupe, eggs, bacon, Creole fryjack, and a tasty bread, everyone was ready for a day of adventure.

On our way to Domingo Ruiz, we encountered a bumpy road, typical of Belizean roads.  After several twists, turns, and slides, the bus got stuck after making a hard right turn heading towards the cave.  After disembarking, through the endeavors of everyone gathering rocks, sticks to dig, or pushing the bus, we succeeded in freeing it and were on our way!!!

Walking from the bus into the forest, Nathan, discovered several Baird’s tapir tracks that we cast in plaster.  We also…

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