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Big Turtle Hunt: Go West, Young Woman

July 12, 2013

Research & Collections

Greetings Blogophiles! Temperatures are rising, parts of western North America are on fire, and I’m as restless as a cat with fleas. This can only mean it’s time to go get some air in our hair. Normally, this time of year, I’d be shouting about it being squid hunting season, but this year is different…very different. IT’S TURTLE SEASON! Yes… turtle season! This year for a change of pace and because I’m way behind on my lab analyses of the fossil squid, we are going turtle hunting…technically fossil turtle hunting. Leading this excellent adventure will be Dan Lawver, Research Associate with the Museum and current Montana State Graduate student. This is a good thing because, what I know about turtles and vertebrates in general could fit on the back of one of those fleas. I am an invertebrate paleontologist and though turtles have shells, they are certainly not mollusks.


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