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Skyping with Dinosaurs

July 10, 2013

Did you know that if you visit the Daily Planet Theatre, you might see real paleontologists in action out in the Utah desert?!

Today, our science comedian Brian Malow interviewed Lindsay Zanno on her iPad as she works in the field in Utah to collect dinosaur bones. Despite a brief loss of connection due to the iPad overheating (these scientists are working in 120 degrees in the shade out there!) the talk was a great success!

Interview with Lindsay Zanno in Daily Planet. Credit: Paige Brown.

Interview with Lindsay Zanno in Daily Planet. Credit: Paige Brown.

Zanno answered questions about what she is finding out in the desert, how dinosaurs are related to today’s birds, and how paleontologists extract delicate bones without breaking them.

Zanno and her crew have faced 120 degree heat and hail storms to dig up ancient biological treasures. The crew has, so far, discovered a new theropod site (for example, T. Rex was a theropod), where they found the lower leg of a new theropod dinosaur.

The crew has also found a crocodile skull and eggshell fragments, indicating that their 2013 sites in Utah might have been areas where dinosaurs were laying eggs many, many, many years ago!

If you want to know more, follow Zanno’s crew’s blog and twitter handle @ExpeditionLive!

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