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Science News, Your Views

July 3, 2013

Lionfish in the 10,000 gallon aquarium in the NRC

Have you visited the Science News Your Views exhibit on the  first floor of the Nature Research Center building of the Museum yet? If not, you should! You can read about science that is in the news this week, and give your thoughts on whether endangered animals should be cloned, for example!

Your Views:

This week’s news articles featured in the exhibit include news pieces about how lionfish are such a successful invasive species that they are actually getting obese, how Miami could be America’s future “Atlantis” due to global sea level rise, and a special type of firefly flashes in sync with others during its famous mating season.

The exhibit also features blog posts of the week. This week’s featured blog posts include:

So stop by the exhibit, read the stories and use your phones to scan the story QR codes to find out more! Also, give us YOUR views on the science news of the week!

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