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A Glorious Voyage to the Sun

May 31, 2013

Research & Collections

Summer is nearly upon us, marking the onset of hot sunny days under crystal-clear skies. What better way to usher in the new season than observing, up-close, the reason for the season — our star, the Sun. We are now in the midst of a particularly fabulous year for catching the Sun spewing amazing activity our way!

While we could never survive a trip to the Sun, being incinerated long before reaching our destination, we can observe the Sun in fine detail from telescopes on Earth and in space, and even right here in Raleigh through an observing extension of the Astronomy & Space Observation Lab at the Nature Research Center (NRC).

Today, NRC astronomers Dr. Rachel Smith and Dr. Patrick Treuthardt conducted the first successful public solar observing of 2013. Under bright blue skies on the 4th floor terrace of the NRC, we observed gorgeous solar prominences, sunspots, and granulation…

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