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Searching for a Shipwreck

May 30, 2013

Deepwater Canyons

One of the goals of the second leg of this cruise is to explore several shipwrecks that are of historical significance with the ROV Jason. In-depth exploration of wreckages can provide vital archaeological information that may improve our current understanding of an important historical event or artifact as well as promote efforts to preserve shipwreck locations. However, before valuable time can be spent diving on a wreck, we need to have a really clear idea of where it is located. To pinpoint the suspected location of a wreck we rely on multibeam sonar.

After successfully exploring and mosaicing several wrecks in shallow waters ranging from approximately 100 to 200 m we moved to waters exceeding 2000 m in depth. We had an idea of the general location of two shipwrecks but did not have a determined diving site. To narrow our search, multibeam profiling was conducted in the areas…

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