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Live from the Middle of Nowhere

May 15, 2013

Research & Collections

Today was a successful day at the Placerias Quarry! The weather was perfect, the  company pleasurable, and the bones plentiful. We arrived on site and began work around  7:30am, working through the morning until lunch at noon. We returned to work and finished out the day, packing up the van to head back into town around 4:30pm.

The field crew is working in a designated 9 meter x 3 meter grid. This area is divided into sections and each section is given a unique number for data purposes. Each crew member is then assigned a unique workspace within the grid. Every fossil found must be accounted for and its location within the quarry recorded. This grid is essential for keeping work within the quarry organized.

Over the course of the day, our team recovered a number of fossils. The majority of the fossils found were vertebrae, the bone segments making…

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