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We are coming live from the NOAA ship Ronald H. Brown…

May 13, 2013

Deepwater Canyons

Spirits were high as we launched the connection to the Daily Planet at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences on Wednesday. We had found the methane seep that we suspected to be in the area, and the video feed from the Jason ROV showed vast expanses of live mussels. Now we had a chance to share our passion for research with a new audience at the Museum.


Photographer Art Howard started the presentation at the Museum with images and video from some of our previous missions. He shared the stories we could not show live, such as the launch and recovery of the ROV, specimen processing and shipboard life. A participant in all of our deepwater canyons work, he’ll be bringing his artistic eye to the second leg of this mission. With the feed of the mussel fields behind us, Sandra Brooke, Brendan Roark and I answered questions posed…

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