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Chocolate Milk Anyone?

May 6, 2013

Deepwater Canyons

If you prepare chocolate milk and let it sit, you’ll see that the chocolate starts to sink to the bottom, creating a “chocolate” gradient from top to bottom. If you sip from the top of the glass, it tastes most like milk, and from the bottom it tastes most like chocolate, however it is all chocolate milk.

In the sea, for the most part, we can’t see the gradients like we can in chocolate milk, but we do have ways to study them.  Brendan Roark and Nancy Prouty are studying the variations in water between the Norfolk and Baltimore Canyons and hoping to learn what water masses (layers) are present in and outside the Canyons, as well as describe the characteristics of those water masses — “yum, that layer tastes like milk,” “yummmmmm, that layer tastes like chocolate!”

We expect to find layers that include water from the warm Gulf Stream…

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