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January 20, 2013

Yellowstone in Winter

Our morning started early with a chilly walk to Old Faithful. The sun had not yet risen and though the clouds and fog limited our visibility, it did not limit our excitement. The geyser is named accordingly because it is predictable, and faithfully erupts. Unlike the other geysers that function together like a family, this one lives on its own with a single water system. This allows the pressure to build up on a consistent basis.

We next met Ranger Rita and assisted her in the collection of geyser prediction data. We measured the time and temperature in order to predict the next eruption. We learned just how hot and dangerous these amazing geysers can be.

After lunch we continued to learn about thermal features of the park. We were amazed to learn that water flows at a rate of 4000 gallons per minute at Excelsior Spring. This constant flow…

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