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December 4, 2012

by Deb Bailey

NC Museum of Natural Sciences Education Blog

Yes, I feel like a stranger here on the education blog. My last posts seem almost a distant memory. But for what it’s worth, we have NOT been idle here in the Micro World. On the contrary, we have been “over the top” in delivering classes, in bigger demand than we expected or dared hope.

Just to give a summary of late September through the end of November, we have done 42 lab classes! The topics were:

  • 18 Photosynthesis Labs with Vernier sensor equipment
  • 3 Transpiration Labs with Vernier sensor equipment
  • 6 Investigate Lab experiences
  • 3 Unicellular World labs
  • 2 Microscopic Life labs
  • 6 DNA Electrophoresis labs
  • 1 Cell Cycle class
  • 2 Winogradsky column/Astrobiology Labs
  • 1 Bioluminescence vs. Fluorescence Lab

Numbers per class have ranged from 10–34. So if you figure an average of 22 students per class x 42 classes … we have been happily reaching over 900 students…

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