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November 5, 2012

by Meg Lowman

Research & Collections

Meg Lowman, Nature’s Secrets

Most children have a bug period.
—EO Wilson, distinguished ant expert from Harvard University

The 2012 International Congress of Entomology (ICE) was held in Daegu, Korea. Affectionately nicknamed the Big Bug Swarm, this meeting brought together insect experts from around the world to discuss important scientific issues pertaining to the billions of arthropods that inhabit planet Earth. Thousands of entomologists convened in one place, almost simulating the antics of an ant colony. Termite experts from China met with fire ant specialists from Florida, and figured out ways to control pests. Fly experts (also called Dipterists) were excited to collaborate on a family tree that traces the evolution of the 150,000 known species of Diptera, from mosquitos to sheep blowflies to the pesky house fly. Conservation biologists came together seeking solutions for the disappearance of important insect pollinators, in decline due to habitat loss.

Many American entomologists…

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