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November 1, 2012

Research & Collections

by Brian O’Shea

We are back after a long interruption — the cable providing internet service to our camp was severed somewhere between here and Paramaribo, and it took days for crews to come from the city to fix it. I’m not exactly accustomed to having internet in the forest, so any access at all is a luxury!

On this morning’s transect, we came across a mamma spider monkey and her baby. She was not happy to see us! In typical spider monkey style, she broke off several dry branches and hurled them down at us before moving off. Watch out for these guys — their aim is excellent!

monkey in the canopy

Today’s bird transect was in an unlogged portion of the concession, and featured some really nice big trees. Many tropical trees have buttressed trunks, and these buttresses can be truly massive. Here I am sitting on one:

Bjo buttress

Here is another, twisting across the forest floor:

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