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October 12, 2012

by Trish Weaver

Research & Collections

Greetings Blogophiles! Well, we made it. Today is the last official day of Cephalopod Awareness Days; phew. Fossils! I’m a paleontologist, who actually does research on fossil cephalopods, but I tend to work on the parts of them nobody ever thinks about, such as fossilized squid pens and cuttlebones.  However, as I’ve already mentioned these in previous blogs, today we will focus on ammonites and belemnites. Oh goody!

Belemnites, now here’s a fossil that brings back fond memories for me. Back when I was a young paleontology student, my classmates and I would spend many late night hours in the paleontology lab trying to memorize the Latinized names of tray upon tray of invertebrate fossils. Invariably someone would stick the belemnite in their mouth and pretend to smoke it. Someone else would usually say “hey, don’t Bogart that belemnite!” Yes, paleontologists are often pathetic in their attempts at humor. Belemnites…

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