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October 10, 2012

by Trish Weaver

Research & Collections

Greetings Blogophiles! Welcome to day three of Cephalopod Awareness Days. Today, October 10th, is the day we celebrate the cephalopods with ten appendages; squid and cuttlefish. Woo Hoo! Finally a subject I actually do research on. Because of that, I celebrate squid and cuttlefish almost daily. But rather than rehash the year and a half my colleagues and I spent monkeying about with chitin in Eocene cuttlebones or the big Cretaceous squid project. Today I’ll focus on calamari. Oh wait…that’s dinner; back to blogging.

So, squid and cuttlefish; most people are aware of squid. They show up in our lives as calamari (yes, I am hungry) or as bait. If you happen to be training to become a neurosurgeon you would practice your skills on squid axons because they are much thicker than axons in the human brain, yet they are morphologically and functionally similar. Squid axons are…

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