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October 1, 2012

by Megan Chesser

Deepwater Canyons

Bringing the ROV back to the surface today was like coming back to the future… ten to twenty thousand years in the future, to a time where the ocean is now more than 60 meters deeper than it once was. Today’s dive mission was archaeological exploration at an interesting geological formation (noticed on the multibeam maps). Relatively quickly we noticed that the sediments had a larger particle size, and we also passed over a field of larger rocks. To an untrained eye, portions of the topography looked like tiny riverbeds, where there seemed to be patterns of flow (whether moving water in currents, or wind).

Our multi-hour dive took us over what looked like ledges of sedimentary rock that reminded me of sandstone and clay formations I’d seen along sections of coast of the Chowan river in eastern North Carolina. These higher sections of the ocean-bed had a smoothed, pot-marked…

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