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September 21, 2012

by Megan Chesser, and The Archaeology of the Atlantic Canyons and the Billy Mitchell Fleet by Rod Mather

Deepwater Canyons

September 20th

13:50 The Kraken II is finally released!

After a morning of last minute fixes, K2 has finally been released! The scientific crew breathed a sigh of relief and immediately crowded around any and all screens displaying live feeds from the ROV. As K2 descended, I was mesmerized by the bright cerulean color on screen. William Beebe, famous American Naturalist, curator at the New York Zoological Society, and designer of the first bathysphere (from the Greek bathy, meaning deep) described this new and captivating world in his book “Half Mile Down”: “On earth at night in moonlight I can always imagine the yellow of sunshine, the scarlet of blossoms. But here, when the searchlight was off, yellow and orange and red were unthinkable. The blue which filled all space admitted no thought of other colors.”

The word cerulean, from the Latin caeruleus meaning “blue, dark…

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