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August 29, 2012

by Eric Hanneman

Deepwater Canyons

There are some interesting and smart people aboard, and I will try to tell one of the stories I have pieced together, some from what I already knew, but much from what I have learned on the boat. The Deepwater Canyon Expedition, using the ROV Kraken 2,  has documented in Baltimore Canyon several types of corals and many other invertebrates as well as fish. There are several different types of anemones, including a pink one that looks superficially like the Condylactus sp. found in the Caribbean. There are sponges, quill worms, a red squid, red crabs, spider crabs, several types of squat lobsters, shrimp, lots of krill-like shrimps, amphipods, and recently deep sea mussels. There are also some colonies of soft coral.

We are mainly interested in three families of corals: primnoids, plexaurids, and paragorgiids. The main deepwater coral we are finding on this expedition is Paragorgia arborea. It has…

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