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August 29, 2012

By Rachel L. Smith

Research & Collections

Neil A. Armstrong (August 5, 1930–August 25, 2012): American Astronaut, member of the Apollo 11 crew (which included Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin), and the first man to walk on the Moon.

Armstrong’s first steps on the Moon may be thought as the pinnacle of NASA’s space program, the culmination of a great international race to go literally “where no man has gone before.” And I sincerely hope that someday we rekindle the decades-old NASA mission for great human space exploration. We are capable of the most amazing things.

Thanks to Neil Armstrong, and all the Apollo Astronauts, for their bravery and incredible spirit of adventure.

Click here for more history on Neil Armstrong and his achievements, including historical excerpts and video.

Neil Armstrong on Moon
Apollo 11 astronauts trained on Earth to take individual photographs in succession in order to create a series of frames that could be assembled into panoramic images. This…

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