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August 17, 2012

By Eric Hanneman

Deepwater Canyons

The night went by, but not too quickly for me, as the rocking of the boat generally kept me awake. I’m in the top bunk on the outside of the boat, on the lower deck, in the bow. The sea splashing against the hull is not quiet, and the smooth up and down rhythm of the boat was punctuated by the occasional lurch. I am told by the crew that this is a typical, smooth ride, so I hope I get used to it quickly. Fortunately, the Dramamine has not been needed yet.

Today we entered the Gulf Stream, and collected some cleaner water to be used in experiments later in the voyage. The crew ran some safety drills, including a fire drill, a man overboard drill, and an abandon ship drill. That’s when we all got to don these big orange rubber suits, one size fits all.

Studying the…

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