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August 3, 2012

By Jason Cryan

Research & Collections

This is Part 3 in my blog ‘mini-series’ on getting better acquainted with the various research units of the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences’ Research & Collections section.  Part 1 was Vertebrate Paleontology; Part 2 was Mammalogy…this time: Aquatic Invertebrates!

Although I’ve quite enjoyed my recent forays into the realm of vertebrate research, as an entomologist I found myself asking, “Can I be done with things with internal skeletons?” [Although I note that I still haven’t been invited to participate in Herpetology, Ornithology, or Ichthyology fieldwork yet…hint, hint, hint Museum researchers].

As if in answer to my question, though, I received a welcomed invitation to accompany Dr. Art Bogan (the NC Museum of Natural Sciences’ Curator of Aquatic Invertebrates), Jamie Smith (Collections Manager of Invertebrates) and their research staff to do some invertebrate fieldwork.  Or perhaps I should call it ‘streamwork’, since the research would be done…

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