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July 27, 2012

Tropical Ecology Institute

From Laura, Kevin and Jennifer:

We started our day with another great bird hike further into the Botanical Gardens. Very shady in places, we were rewarded with many amazing plants and animals including the national flower of Belize, the black orchid.

Next we took a walk (and we actually mean climb!) back in time today and learned about life as an ancient Mayan. Stories of their culture and life were all around us. We were impressed with the amount of time, effort and skill to develop this intricate civilization with structures that dwarf modern day. A fun climb to the top rewarded us with a breathtaking, birds-eye view of the city. We imagined life as a Mayan while overlooking present day cities of Belize and Guatemala.

We got to experience the life cycle and various stages of the blue Morpho butterfly complete with caterpillars hatched this morning! While holding the…

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