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July 23, 2012

NC Museum of Natural Sciences Education Blog

We have been incredibly busy these last several days collecting photographs, questions, and answers to questions for our visitors. At the risk of sounding like a cable TV series, it has been “Snail Week” in our lab!!!  In that time we have been capturing the progress of the aquatic snail eggs in our lab as they progress toward their ultimate hatching. Many of you have been in the lab taking part in the developments and activities related to this, as well as asking a lot of questions. We first thank you. Your interest has helped to make this a fun project for all.

Now that we’ve had our wonderful “birth news” yesterday, we want to get back to our list of snail questions.

Saturday we had a gentleman ask if these were the same kind of snails eating his garden. We are happy to tell him, “No.”  His question, however…

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