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July 16, 2012

By Jason Cryan

Research & Collections

This is Part 2 in my blog ‘mini-series’ on getting better acquainted with the various research units of the NC Museum of Natural Sciences’ Research & Collections section.  Part 1 was Vertebrate Paleontology…this time: Mammalogy!

News of my experience with the Paleo unit has spread through the Museum; people have been reading my blog post about it (is THAT why folks around here point at me and laugh when I walk around the Museum?!?!).  DESPITE that, the Museum’s curator of Mammals, Lisa Gatens, courageously invited me to join her, Mammals Collections Manager Ben Hess, and their crew (who, coincidentally, are all mammals!) in their effort to trap and tag small mammals at the Museum’s Prairie Ridge Ecostation.  After my stellar performance with the Paleo unit, I suspected that the Mammalogy unit had relatively low expectations for me…indeed, I suspected that ‘grunt work’ was going…

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