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July 10, 2012

NC Museum of Natural Sciences Education Blog

Out of all the microscope slides in the Natural World Lab, this question is most frequently asked about the pseudoscorpion. (By the way, we LOVE this question.)

These tiny creatures are arachnids: 4 pairs of legs, 2 body sections and no antennae. While they look fierce, their pedipalps (pincer claws) are used for good and not evil.  If you count in the picture below, you can tell that they do not count as a pair of legs but are instead a part of the mouth.  Pseudoscorpions are very secretive and rarely seen around the home.  Even though they aren’t seen, they are eating pests such as flies, ants and booklice.

A visitor spotted our pseudoscorpion hanging out on top of the tree coring log (learn more in a previous blog post).  Please feel free to bring in anything you would like to take a look at under our…

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