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June 24, 2012

Ecuador Institute

By the Tr1plet$

This morning, we enjoyed a beautiful breakfast at Cumbres de Ayangue.  The ocean breeze complimented the fruit and balloon bread, made of cheese and plantains, and was appreciated by all.   The wind speed, collected by Amy and Terry, was a perfect 1.9 mph.  It didn’t even mess up our hair.

Testing the windspeed

After an hour of driving, we arrived at Dos Mangas, the birthplace of Ecuadorian agriculture.

Fausto, the main person for Heifer’s coastal projects, prepared us for the day by explaining Heifer’s role in agriculture. He also told us about new laws that made the waters surrounding Ecuador open for international fishing.  The 200 miles that used to be governed by Ecuador was greatly reduced to only 18 miles.

We learned that Heifer is supporting agro-ecological solutions that include empowering people, partnering with local non-profits, and providing loans that aren’t necessarily monetary.  These loans are often plants that…

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