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Remarking on a blackened eye

June 13, 2014

Originally posted on EXPEDITION LIVE!:

One of the most infamous fistfights in the history of science went down on May 5, 1888, at Philadelphia’s Philosophical Hall, just as a meeting of the American Philosophical Society was getting underway. The two combatants were dear friends. Hot-headed paleontologist Edward Drinker Cope was scheduled to give a formal presentation on fossil ear bones. Cope’s opponent, geologist Persifor Frazer, was dressed for an evening at the opera with his beloved wife. For Frazer, a matter of honor was at stake. When he confronted Cope in the hallowed hall, fisticuffs, rather than apologies, ensued.

Cope vs. Frazer, drawn by Zander and Kevin Cannon of Big Time Attic.

Cope vs. Frazer, drawn by Zander and Kevin Cannon of Big Time Attic .

The only published account of this unfortunate incident appears in Cope: Master Naturalist, a biography written by Henry Fairfield Osborn, which, regrettably, includes precious few details about the altercation. According to this one-sided account, Osborn chanced upon Cope, who was looking somewhat…

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